Queen Elizabeth II 1926 - 2022

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You were the guiding light for Britain, the Commonwealth and the world for over 70 years. You were the constitutionally-impartial, marmalade sandwich loving, we-will-rock-you-tapping, olympic games-base jumping figurehead and indeed grandmother to us all, regardless of our faith, race or background. Dare I say it you even felt like our friend who popped round every Christmas Day at 3 o'clock. Whilst Britannia may be bowed tonight, your legacy shines on. From the postboxes across your sceptred isle, and the cyphers proudly emblazoned on your constabulary, medical professionals and armed forces, to the beating and loving hearts of your billions of admirers. You steadied the ship through the toughest of hours; served your people in war and again without hesitation in peace. How lucky we were to have called you our Queen for so very long. The strength you mustered to appoint your 15th Prime Minister whilst in the grip of ailing health is beyond any superlative that could attempt to convey or any word of thanks I could ever conjure. I am proud to label myself a Royalist, not because of a blind sense of fealty, or an ignorance of history, but because of the inspirational leadership of one individual, you, Ma'am. May you rest soundly and peacefully with your strength and stay, finally reunited with your dearest papa, mother and sister. Our world will never know another individual quite like you Lilibet, you were and always will be an icon.
#QEII #queenelizabeth #GODSAVETHEKING

Gregory Edmund
8 September 2022


Our Society was founded in 1996 and is run by a small group of people from the village. We share a passionate interest in our community, its people and how it has come to be the way it is. We also understand the importance of recording and maintaining stories, records and artefacts from the village and surrounding areas for the benefit of future generations.

We hold a regular calendar of well-attended talks and lectures in Sarratt Village Hall - meetings take place on Tuesdays at 7:30 for 8pm, with members attending free. Our Annual General Meeting takes place in January and we publish a programme of events every Spring.

We also arrange some ‘one-off’ walks of historical interest and special exhibitions linked to specific historical anniversaries and commemorations.

A programme of events is published each Spring and sent to members. Membership is open to all
- see our Membership Page for more details.

As we research the history of local places and people, we encourage everyone to share their local knowledge with us.

Our Next Meeting: Tuesday 15 November

Poles Apart – WW2 Polish Resistance

Roger Yapp, Chairman of the Abbots Langley Local History Society will share his research on the role of the Polish Resistance, based in Kings Langley, during the second world war. Explaining the role they played in British intelligence.



The Scrapbook is a collection of clippings, news articles, pamphlets, posters and all manner of other assorted printed matter. It documents in remarkable detail the events, meetings and goings on that make up life the village and surrounding hamlets; spanning three centuries, it offers a unique perspective on a rural community.

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